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    Unanswered: Need way to create a one way data feed from SharePoint 2010 to Access 2010

    So I have a SharePoint List and an Access DB... I'm trying to create a one way link from SharePoint to my DB so my SharePoint will update the DB but not the other way around... The purpose of the database is for reporting only. In Access there's only 2 options for importing data from SharePoint:
    (1) To import the data into a new table - the problem is that this is a one time import and does not refresh so will not see changes that take place in SharePoint
    (2) To create a linked table in Access - the problem is that this is a two way link so any changes in access will feed to SharePoint (don't want this to happen).

    How can I get around this?? Thanks!!!

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    Make the form read only
    Disable edits
    Disable adding
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