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    Unanswered: Adding multiple records based on field value

    Noob member here looking for some help. I have a form to enter in daily exercise workouts. Below is the layout:

    Main Form - Workouts
    WorkoutType - Combo Box (Abs,Arms,Chest,etc)

    Sub Form - Workout Details
    ExerciseName - Combox Box (Based on Workout Type, has specific exercise)

    Basically the user opens the main form, fills out the fields, then on a continous subform enters the exercise performed. What I want is when somebody enters 3 for the value of Sets, 3 identical records are created in the database.

    The reason for 3 separate new records are that the sets will not always be the same. Occasionally a person would perform 2 Sets that are the same and then 1 set where the weight is different. So to save data entry time whatever the value of sets is, thats how many records I wanted to enter.

    I hope i'm making sense. Any help would be appreciated.

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    What about an afterupdate property on that field .. Using VBA code to recreate the same record two more times ( using the record iD as the filter

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