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    Post Unanswered: Strategy and planning for small mfg company in Macedonia

    Hello friends!

    Im Mikica, Im from Macedonia. I work as system administrator in small company in Skopje, Macedonia. My company hired Oracle specialist to take care of our databases, and now my job is to make sure that he is doing the right job there, and that is not easy for me
    He told me that we need to pay some service to make us strategy and plan for our databases. Im looking for some service near Skopje, but I cant find, I need something like this:

    if you give me some sugestions i will be happy Thanks

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    Welcome Mikica!

    I've renamed your thread and moved it to the Oracle Forum within DBForums. It ought to get better responses here than in the New Users Forum!

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    You are kind of joking, aren't you? Your boss told you (and you know nothing about Oracle) to make sure that an Oracle specialist he hired is doing his job right. That's cool.

    As you can see, I'm from Croatia; I visited your country twice - once for a week (while I was in high school), and another time for a year (while I was in the army); by accident, both times I stayed in Bitola.

    Years later, I spent almost 2 years working in Bosnia (in Mostar). My company worked along with IN2. It is an IT company, one of the largest in Croatia. They are specialized in Oracle so you might be interested in contacting them. Link I posted contains contact information for IN2 member companies, one of them being located in Skopje:

    IN2 dooel Skopje
    Filip Vtori Makedonski Br.3
    1000 Skopje, Makedonija
    tel: +389 2 3 217 332
    fax: +389 2 3 217 347

    Good luck!

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