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    Unanswered: Connection Manaer Requirements

    We have 2 standalone servers. We are not using any utility provided by Informix for data replication such as ER,HDR,SDS...etc. However, we have triggers on all the tables which dump the data in certain "special" tables and our app reads these "special" tables and sync data into our backup server.

    I understand that it is not a recommended way of replicating data but currently this is what is working in absence of Informix DBA.

    I would like to know if we connection manager can be used in such a set up. I am not sure if connection manager requires ER,HDR,SDS etc.

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    taking your question in another way, the Connection Manager is useless if you do not have a replication working.

    The way you are "replicating" your data is painful and requires lots of system resource, dimishing your global performance a lot.

    If you "replicate" all the tables, HDR is what you need. HDR is very simple to implement and if well configured, needs almost no admin time. Please also consider that using the CM will also allow you to redirect the users without any manual operation in case of crash of the primary server.

    Very few people in the IT world know about the Informix replication offer, which is very extend in functionality, although simple to implement and administrate.

    As for a starter, I would definately recommand my friend Andrew Ford's post about how to implement HDR. Definately one of the best piece of documentation about HDR implementation.

    Check for this first and come back to me if youhave difficulties. You will quickly notice that the trigger solution is definately not the right solution, and that HDR IS the solution.

    You have it, use it!

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