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    Unanswered: Sub Sub form reference

    Hello All,

    I am working on vb code for a MAccess form that would enable/disable editing on toggle.

    There is a main form, a sub form, and a sub-sub form. The code works perfectly for the main form and subform, but I am unable to get the reference right for the sub sub form. I have read about 10 blog posts about how to reference properly and tried each suggestion but I keep getting an error "You entered an expression that has an invalid reference to the property Form/Report."

    Here are the references I have attempted as well as the results of the attempt:

    Me.subform1.Form!subform2.Form.AllowDeletions = Me.tog_AllowEdits --> No

    Me.subform1.Form.subform2fsub_Observation.Form.All owDeletions = Me.tog_AllowEdits --> Worked once, and then stopped working???

    Me!subform1.Form.subform2.Form.AllowDeletions = Me.tog_AllowEdits --> No

    Me!subform1.Form!subform2.Form.AllowDeletions = Me.tog_AllowEdits --> No


    This is just a portion of the code of course. The subforms are named more meaningfully that shown above. I know that nested subforms are rare... but in this case they are necessary.

    Thank you in advance!!!!!


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    May be this would work

    Me.subform1.Form.subform2.Form.fsub_Observation.Fo rm.AllowDeletions = Me.tog_AllowEdits


    Obviously this is untried!


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