I am relatively new to PostgreSQL administration but have been writing SQL for 15 years for many RDBMS. So the SQL I got, but the admin, Im lacking.

I have a Slony cluster that I inherited and the guy that set it up is no longer with the company.

I have a Master with two replication sets that replicates to 3 nodes subscriptions. Two of the subscribers are functioning fine but one of the replication sets on one of the nodes is being replicated to.

I have looked at the Slony log, the pg_log, and all the sl_ tables and can not find any error or messages to lead me to the issue.

This all started a month ago when I added a new replication set to the master for a new table we moved to production. The new set on all three of the nodes are being replicated to fine but on one node, the existing set stopped being replicated.

I need some guidance as to where to look for problems. I can provide any logs or specs you need, just tell me what to get and I'll post it here.