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    Good afternoon,

    I'm trying to create a database for to make vacation scheduling easier at work. This is not a school project and I'm not looking for a finished product, just some friendly assistance to find out if this is even possible from much smarter minds than mine.

    Vacation time is requested by employee.
    Manager reviews request and approves or denies it.
    Permanent secure log of request and it's approval or denial are stored.
    A running tally showing the employee's usage of different types of leave is linked to the requests.
    Approval or Denial of requests is transmitted back to the employee through email.
    All run through Microsoft Office.

    My imagine an Excel sheet with employee names and leave amounts as the axis's.
    I imagine this linked to a passworded access database to make the request. I imagine the manager getting into access and approving or denying the leave which would trigger 2 things.
    First - the number of hours taken would be subtracted from the employee's 'leave bank' in excel.
    Secondly - The notification of approval or denial would create a templated Outlook email.

    Ideally the data would be archived annually.

    Do I have too big of an imagination? Is this kind of thing even possible to create or is off the shelf software the only option? If anyone could provide some guidance that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time,


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    use a database not a spreadsheet.
    yes its dooable
    building it securely enough with the right protectiosn is dooable, but needs careful thought at design time

    but if you do dont' rush into to creating forms. do some basic design first
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