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    Unanswered: Looking for intermediate skill level short course (1 - 2) days in Melbourne (Aus)

    Hi Everyone,

    I am relatively new to writing SQL queries, and do not consider myself to be a natural.

    Late last year I studied a Unit called 'Introduction to Database Design' at Deakin University. This unit reflected the broad ANSI standard SQL (during theoretical studies), and Oracle SQL Plus (during practical studies). I did quite well in the unit, and now have a thorough understanding of the basic SQL concepts such as JOINs, UNIONs, etc.

    This year I find myself working specifically with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, and related T-SQL syntax within my occupation. More specifically the company that I work for uses SAP Business One, and the underlying infrastructure at my work is MS SQL Server 2008 R2.

    I would like to study some more SQL formally! My boss will probably back me in attending a one / two day course that deals specifically with T-SQL.

    I am ideally looking to learn some 'intermediate' skills, such as CTEs, and Pivots. However performance of the SQL Server itself (such as Load Balancing, and Tuning) does not interest me.

    I live in the Melbourne (Australia) and would like to find a suitable course in the CBD or surrounding suburbs.

    If anybody can suggest any courses / course providers that are very good at teaching in my area can you please share. Finally my budget would probably be somewhere between $600 to $1000 for the course, but if the course comes with high recommendations I might be able to budget a little higher.

    Any help and or recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards,

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    I don't know about courses but I would highly recommend buying this book: Simply SQL eBook: Rudy Limeback: Kindle Store
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    If you enjoy (and benefit from) CBT (Computer Based Training), I would very strongly recommend PluralSight. The PluralSight web site, Android, and iOs applications offer access to a library of courses by the best instructors with the best content that I've found anywhere at any price. The best part is that a year's subscription to PluralSight is also very affordable (well within your budget). There are also several thousand other high quality courses in the PluralSight library that you will almost certainly find useful!

    If you need face-to-face training and are willing to spend more to get it, I'd contact the Melbourne office of LobsterPot. They may or may not offer what you need, but they are the place that I'd ask about SQL Server training if I was in Melbourne.

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    Thanks guys for your suggestions.

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