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    Post Unanswered: Informix database does not comes online

    Dear all,

    We are facing an issue with our Informix server database. THe database is not coming online. Below is the error shown on the screen.

    shared memory not initialized for informixserver " databasename".

    We are facing this error after changing its IP address. we have even reverted the IP address to the old IP address now. Even after doing this, restarted the server but still the database gives the same above error.

    We have checked the oninit -v , where all results complete successfully.

    Please provide your best advice on how to solve this on urgent basis.


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    the following info is not sufficient to understand what is happening

    Can you please send the output of oninit -v command
    also send the output of oninit -V command
    Can you also provide the last 200 lines of the informix log file?
    you can find the informix log file this way:
    under user informix, run:

    you will
    oninit -

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