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    Unanswered: Crosstab Query ??


    I am trying to create a form in Access that does the same as the spreadsheet shown in the attached doc

    My initial problem is that I don't know how to get all the Item Numbers into a cross tab query - each item is a field in a table

    From what I can see cross tab queries have a maximum of three fields that can be used as row headings whereas I have 19!!

    A simple query would show the data transposed with Quarters as rows and the Items as columns but I was hoping Access could do this as it is shown in the attachment

    Is it possible and if so what's the technique?

    I would also want the data to change depending upon the Patient ID Field

    Any suggestions gratefully received

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    yes, set your QTRs as columns and RowItems as rows, in the crosstab.

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