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    Unanswered: EXPLAIN_SQL function

    I need a means to collect explain plans from the client using JDBC. Is EXPLAIN_SQL an option here? Are there any better solutions? I'm having issues finding much documentation on this function. Any and all feedback welcome. We're using CSDK 3.7 on client and 11.7 IDS.

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    With 11.70 and above, do the following on the IDS server

    1) identify which session number is the one you are interested in (onstat -g ses, and search for the right one, probably by server the computer name in the hostname column)
    2) on the server, run
    onmode -Y SessionNumber 1 /tmp/SessionNumber.explain
    where SessionNumber is the session # you identified previously

    if the session continues (i.e. you do not stop the session), you can disable the explain by running
    onmode -Y SessionNumber 0
    And there you are

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