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    Unanswered: Special Characters In Database Field %20

    Hello All,

    I'm in the process of writing a replacement appication for iTunes. I've built my prototype database in MS Access 2010. My target database will be SQL Server. I've imported my data from the iTunes XML file into a series of tables. The location field in the iTunes XML file contains the full path and file name for a given file. This field contains the characters %20 in place of a space. I understand what this represents, char(20) which is a space. I've seen this before in some web environments. My question is: Does the %20 character play some special role that makes it necessary or can I scrub the fields in my database that contain this character and replace it with a space instead?

    I haven't yet decided what "flavor" my presentation layer will take, desktop, web or perhaps a hybrid like iTunes which appears to be a "static web browser. I gather this because the file path information is stored in URL format I'm concerned with any special function that these characters may serve and if they are required how do I deal with them when querying the database. The characters are found in the file locatiion and file name fields. Are these characters necessary or is this just Apple being lazy and sloppy like usual?

    I would appreciate any help you can offer as I am almost ready to port the database to SQL Server.

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    in short it doesn't matter whether you replace it our not., strictly speaking the %20 is a presentational issue not a data storage issue, so in an ideal I'd argue world you should store the symbol as a space not %20. the % symbol is the wild card symbol in SQL (although not JET SQL unless you've turned on ANSI compatability mode. its not an issue but you'd need to be aware of that if using a SQL match / like clause

    there are other special symbols in HTML, again to do with the presentation layer

    out of curiousity could you not find a freely available replacement for iTunes rther than roll your own app
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    Thanks for the assist.

    I did look for a replacement app and could not find any that I liked.

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