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    Unanswered: Refresh data linked to Calculated field After Sort on a Continuous Form

    I am using a form to enter Athletics Results to a table. I enter the athletes number and time and use Dlookup for other details. I have two calculated fields One for position and one for points. I have to store these values in a table. I use GetLineNumberForm by Allen Browne to get Athlete Positions on a unbound text box. I also use an IIF statement to get points from Line number. To get the data into a table OnLostFocus for time entry Pos=LineNumber, this field is bound to the table same with points
    This works fine for races when you enter the data in order but for Field events I have to enter the distances as the are listed on the sheet then sort the distance data in descending order by using Z-A sort.
    The calculated text box's work fine when re-ordered but the Pos=LineNumber is still set to what was first entered. What do I need to do to to make the number link again. Or is there a simpler way of doing this.

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    use an update query after all the results are captured. you could fire that update query by, say , pressing a command button. to get an ordinal position number you may well have to resort to a looping construct (either as a VBA procedure or a SQL stored procedure)
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    Thanks for the reply and after sorting the records on the form I can get the correct data if I TAB through the records. I guess this is using the LostFocus of that field to renew the Pos = LineNumer data. I will look at how I can do that with VBA. I do use an append query to transfer data after which I empty the table before the next set of results are entered.
    Thanks again without people like you to guide us we would be pulling out what little hair we have left.
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