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    Unanswered: Query keeps rerunning function.

    I have a select query (ACCESS 03) in which one field derives its value from a function. The returned value of this function is a somewhat random number based on some input parameters.

    Count: RandPick(CurrentNumber,MaxNumber,TargetNumber)

    Another field uses this result in an iif statement:

    ExcludeMe: iif(Count=0, TRUE, FALSE)

    When the query is open and is redrawn, say by a window moving over the query results the function provides another result. This might cause the value of the second field to be incorrect.

    QUESTION: Is there away to prevent the function from being called over and over whenever another window moves over it and it has to redraw?

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you have an event, and it calls the query, it will continue to rurun.
    Remove it from this event and make a refresh button. (a manual refresh , rather than automatic event)

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