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    Unanswered: Extracting data from IPhone sms file

    I am using SQ Lite to extract data from an SMS file from my Iphone. I have completed just about everything I need to extract the messages, date, phone number, actual text message,etc. However, I need to code in AM/PM values. In addition, when I go to execute the command, it does not go through all the records. There are over 7000 data lines.This is very important, it is for a child custody case happening tomorrow morning. I am NEW NEW NEW and self taught, so any help would be appreciated. In addition, when I export this to a CSV file, none of the SQL commands filter over to the CSV file. I need to print this for court tomorrow. My grandsons custody is at risk. Please Help!

    SELECT datetime(date + 978307200, 'unixepoch','-4 hours'),, is_from_me, text FROM message JOIN handle ON message.handle_id=handle.ROWID ORDER BY 1;

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    Ask your attorney to request either a stay or a continuance to process this new evidence (depending on the state of the case and the jurisdiction or jurisdictions). This is not something that you want to trifle with, so get an expert witness and ask them to do the extraction for you.

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