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    Unanswered: "alter table modify" --> strange Syntaxerror


    I try to execute an
    alter table statistik_t modify ( schiffnr char(9) );

    on an existing table and get an Syntax Error (-201).

    For test reasons I created a test table and performed the same "modify". This works.

    Old datatype is char(7)

    DB-Version is
    IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 11.70.FC4GE

    Any idea is highly appreciated!


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    This thread is a couple of years old, but the problem still exists.
    Not all the times, but on different tables, on different servers.

    We do have a workaround - that's not the issue, but what is the reason for the syntax error???


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    did you ever put a Service Request to IBM ?
    If the syntax works once then doesn't work the other time, this looks like a bug.
    did you oncheck the table (oncheck -cc dbname & oncheck -cd dbname:table ) ?


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    Hi Eric,

    the oncheck results seem to be ok:
    oncheck -cd export:statistik_t
    DS_TOTAL_MEMORY recalculated and changed from 32768Kb to 65536Kb

    TBLspace data check for export:seesped.statistik_t

    oncheck -cc export
    DS_TOTAL_MEMORY recalculated and changed from 32768Kb to 65536Kb

    Validating database export

    Validating systables for database export

    Validating syscolumns for database export

    Validating sysindices for database export

    Validating systabauth for database export

    Validating syscolauth for database export

    Validating sysdepend for database export

    Validating syssyntable for database export

    Validating sysviews for database export

    Validating sysconstraints for database export

    i tried to unload/load the table and the MODIFY on the new table works. I even copied all the indexes and triggers. No difference.
    I am going to open a service request.

    Thanks for your ideas!

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