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    Question Unanswered: How can I improve this ERD for a bakery database?


    I am new to databases and am trying to make an Entity Relationship Diagram for a bakery. This is a school project. I have a link below with what I have so far, but I know there must be a lot mistakes on it. Ultimately, the database will be created with Microsoft Access. From the database, I plan to create forms, generate reports, and do queries. What I'm not sure of, is if my ERD is organized enough that it will be able to do all of the following:

    Inventory (Reports)
    Tell how much inventory there is at a given time. Provide a running total of how much inventory is left
    Insure that there is plenty of inventory (i.e. cake toppers for special orders) for future sales. Avoid stock-outs.
    Baker should know which products to make the most of and which to make less of to avoid waste of inventory.
    Sales (Queries & Reports)
    Tell what items have sold and at what quantity.
    Generate reports of most popular products and slow-sellers.
    Owners should be able to see itemized records of daily, monthly, and yearly sales
    Order Taking (Forms)
    Orders will be assigned a unique number # for every order.

    Also, I'm unsure of how to do inventory of the bakery, since the process starts with ingredients then they're turned into finished goods. I wasn't sure if I should add a recipe entity.

    Can someone please point out some of the mistakes and tell me in which direction I should go on next? Any feedback is appreciated.

    Thank You.

    Below is a link to the ERD I created:

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    I doubt you will get much assistance on creating ERDs, especially for homework. if you have a specific problem of comprehension then fine ask away, you may well get a response especially if its seems like you understand the problem just dont' see a way forward

    I doubt you will get a response to 'review' your current work. if you need a review then you should talk to either your colleagues or teaching staff. amongst the many reasons aside from cheating or passing off others work as yours there is the issue that you are doing yourself out of the learning process. but the standout reason is that we don't know what your homework is supposed to be, what its limits are and what your teachers are expecting you to demonstrate knowledge of
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    As the Jaded One said, most of us are happy to address specific problems to specific questions, even when it involves homework, although with homework we're apt to point you in the right direction, rather than simply giving a specific answer. But answering broad questions, such as 'what's wrong with my database' or 'can someone please review my database' is simply not done, homework or not. This would not be fair to our members, who volunteer their valuable time, but more important, it would not be fair to you.

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    Hope this helps!

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