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    Question Unanswered: SQL server backup

    Hi, I have a SQL backup script that runs every end of the week to backup a SQL database (2008 R2) but I got many errors starting this month and it seems no longer working. I'm tired of debugging and thinking of getting a proper developed backup software to do the job for me. Hopefully it can also replicate the backup to Amazon S3 for disaster recovery. Any recommendation? Thanks a lot!

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    The backup package from Ola Hallengren is quite possibly the best that there is, certainly the best that I've found. Considering that it is free and well supported by the SQL Server community, you probably can't find a better solution.

    If you are having a lot of error messages and the backup is failing, then you probably have other problems. My guess would be database corruption, but without understanding your system configuration and the errors that are being reported that is only a guess.

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    That's great

    That's great. Let me look into it further.

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