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Thread: Hello Everyone

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    Hello Everyone

    I am new to databases and started learning them due to need of SQL writing skills at work, joined this forum to study and gain experience from various issues that get reported and how they are addressed. hope to learn a lot thru this forum.
    So would like to know under which discussion thread should I post my questions in case of help needed writing a SQL query.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I personally, attach the SQL table to the ms Access db. Then making sql is just point and click via the visual grid.
    To embed the sql on the SQL side (or oracle) a simple global replace of "_" to "." fixes it so it works on the server side.

    (but to answer your question, there is an Microsoft SQL Server thread)

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    if you are posing questions on using Access then the natural place for those questions should be
    the Access forum in the 'PC based database applications'
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