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    Unanswered: New look of the board!

    This new design/layout of the dBforums looks great. Now, that statement itself does not warrant the starting of a thread so I will ask a legitimate question that I have often wondered over:

    When I go to dBforums and start to select Brilliant Database, I very frequently see that several people are viewing (just as an example, when I logged in this morning, it stated that '5 viewing'). Some days that number is higher yet the actual volume of activity (i.e., questions and responses) do not support the amount of people that are 'viewing'. Why so many viewers without posting questions and/or answers?

    As for me, I still come and look everyday but I have temporarily moved on to another project using game engines. I still very much have an interest in the Brilliant Database software and the applications that can be created using this tool.
    Daryl G
    Daryl G

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    On average, DBForums sees about 125 "lurkers" who read for every active poster.

    Some small percentage of those "lurkers" are misconfigured bots, like the Google Spiders that crawl the web in order to build the data store that powers the Google Search Engine. A few are bots from competing web sites that actually steal our content and post it to their own sites. The vast majority of the "lurkers" are just people who read but choose not to participate in the discussion.

    For those lurkers who read this, jump into the discussion! We don't bite (unless you ask nicely), and you'll have fun and learn more. For those who choose to simply read, you don't know what you're missing but you're still welcome to hang out here and read our jabber!

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    Hi all
    Love the new look but have one small question/ observation. The icon colours (I'm viewing this on an iPad at present) are so similar as to be virtually indistinguishable.
    Would it be possible to use a completely different colour for say HOT UNREAD threads such as red or perhaps purple and perhaps green or blue for one of the others. My colour vision is pretty good but there will be many users who might struggle especially if they have any kind of visual impairment.
    Certainly not a critisism -just a friendly observation.
    I can't begin to tell you how invaluable the whole forum has been and is for me. I would be lost without it now.

    Many thanks for all your efforts and the brilliant people who so freely give up their advice and help no matter how basic the questions


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    Hello all. Still just getting started working with Brilliant DB as a development platform. I'm pretty sure I saw an example or video showing moving a folder under another to make it a "sub-folder". Since relational actions are not limited to sub-folders, what is the effect or purpose of moving a folder under another? Also, any idea where it describes or shows that on any support video, db, etc.? Thank you.


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    what is the effect or purpose of moving a folder under another?
    It visually it can improve the layout of your program if the folders have a common interest.

    Or, if you have a Folder that contains specific Permissions / Access right like Visable only by Administrators, then any sub folder will be also invisible.

    Also, any idea where it describes or shows that on any support video, db, etc.?
    There's two different ways to do that. Where will the actual video file be located. Will it be a local file, or something like a YouTube video?


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