I have the following criteria which will bring back data for the current quarter:

BETWEEN Dateadd(qq, Datediff(qq,0,GetDate()), 0) AND Dateadd(ms,-3,Dateadd(qq, Datediff(qq,0,GetDate())+1, 0))

However I noticed yesturday, which was the start of the current quarter (01/10/2014) what I actually needed was to show data for the:

Start of the Current Week - End Of The current quarter

In a nutshell, I need the criteria to count back to the Monday of the week the current quarter started in

I.e. If the quarter starts in the middle of the working week I.e. Wednesday 01/10/2014, the criteria will count back to the start of the current week I.e show data from Monday 29/09/2014 to the end of the current quarter

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated