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    Question Unanswered: Advise to statrt DBA job

    Hi All ,

    I just finish my studying and will join company as DBA-DB2 , i want your advise about:

    1- how can i start my job as a success DBA?

    2- what should to take care about?

    3- list of tasks that could assigned to me and tasks that should initiated by me without assignment.

    4- what should i read and which certificate should i have?

    5- how will be my work day and tasks?

    I hope to find assist information that will help me in my job.
    Thanks you

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    The tasks performed by a DBA in a company differ from the level of expertise and organizations requirement still a brief job description of a DBA is as follows:

    installation of db2 software
    fixpack upgrade/downgrade of database
    trouble shooting and resolving performace issues(good in performance tuning)
    writing stored procedures(debugging the issues)
    implementing new features
    user and security of database
    runstats , reorgs
    Backup policy
    Log and space management
    redirect restores
    HADR and HA monitoring
    data load,export,import
    fenced & federated concepts
    automatic storage implementation
    parameter and configuration management
    memory management
    writing and scheduling automation scripts

    and much more...


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