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Thread: whats .qep file

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    Unanswered: whats .qep file

    hey guys
    i friend of mine sent .qep file of mysql and asked me to convert data from mysql to mssql
    first of all i dnt even know whts .qep ad i dnt know mysql at all
    can u please explain whts .qep file i searched google and it says that its Query Execution Plan
    i dnt think its backup and i think it doesnt contain data table

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    I don't know if this helps or just confuses issues, but QEP was an extension used by the IRMA 3270 terminal program from DCA. This is an ENORMOUS stretch of the imagination, but if your friend is running MySQL on a Unix variant using a Virtual Machine running on an IBM Z-Series, then this would make sense.

    I would suggest that you tell your friend that you're having problems, and would like them to confirm just what the QEP file format is and what they think the file that they sent you should contain.

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