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    ER- Modelling HELP required

    I have been given this Assignment i need help regarding identifying entities there type like (strong or weak) and the relation between below complete scenario is shown :

    HydroWorldPlus is the first company in the world that provides its clients with exclusive, fine, premium waters from around the world. Their portfolio is carefully selected by renowned water sommeliers and is considered as “the finest bottled water collection in the world!” HydroWorldPlus wanted to be able to offer their collection of fine waters to clients all over the world. They require an online presence that not only met the discerning tastes of their clients but also geared them to complete with the competitors. They want that this online website can be used to register customers with the information like name, e-mail, phone number, address etc. Only registered users can make order, in each order they can select as many products as they want, for availing a promotion there should be an order worth as per promotion amount.
    They have more then 200+ finest products from all over the world, The website displays their products and allows their users to place orders, both in bulk (for business buyers) as well as small (for individual buyers) quantities. The website displays all the products available with the details of the products. Like origin of country, region and place of water, (for example ice age Country of Origin: Canada, Region: British Colombia, Place Name: Alpine Creek, Toba Inlet, Water Source: Glacier, Cap Type: Plastic Screw, Established: 1992, Bottle Type: PET, Bottle Capacity: 500 ml, GCC Distributor: Fine Waters LLC)
    There are certain promotions on which HydroWorldPlus offers attractive discounts on both bulk and individual orders. Each promotion has a name, discount of order, minimum order amount, eligible products and eligible regions. The orders are confirmed via e-mails at the time of order; similarly when the order dispatched via courier services an intimation e-mail also send automatically by the portal.
    Order Details
    An administrator account of the portal can generate order details for the following:
    1. The order received on a given date
    2. The order processed for shipping on a given date.
    The details of an individual customer can be viewed by an administrator account; it can also view last 5 orders from a single customer.

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    You posted your assignment, but no questions. What kind of help would you like us to give you?

    In theory, theory and practice are identical. In practice, theory and practice are unrelated.

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    er model

    Quote Originally Posted by Pat Phelan View Post
    You posted your assignment, but no questions. What kind of help would you like us to give you?

    DEAR pat phelan i need you too make er model if the stated problem.... make one and post the image of the er model


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