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    Unanswered: Paradox Server Migration

    Hi all,

    I've had a search, but could find anything recent regarding this.

    Has anyone had any experience migrating away from paradox. I have a customer who heavily relies on Paradox for their infrastructure and would like to upgrade to the cloud based Microsoft Azure / 365 model.

    I've seen various tools that can convert the databases, but very little on reviews/procedures etc . . . and certainly nothing for converting the forms / reports

    Has anyone tackled something like this?

    I'd really appreciate a steer.



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    yes, 99.9 percent of all the paradox apps are long gone, so you're doing right by trying to move yours, too.. almost EVERYONE has already faced this

    no, you can't use paradox, or any similar "desktop database" app, in the cloud that way, because any connection "burp" will totally hose your open files and sharing

    yes, it's easy to pass your data from any platform to any other platform these days, but no, you can't pass the forms, reports, and code.. whatever direction you take, it's a total re-write from square one.. your paradox app is your blueprint of what does work and what doesn't work
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