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    Unanswered: SQL Query for Data Comparison between Tables.

    Hi All,

    I am newbie to SQL query. I have got a requirement to compare data between 2 different tables and provide the mismatch of the destination table comparing it against the Source table. Let me specify it more clearly with an example.

    Source is considered as 'Table1' in 'ServerX'
    Destination is considered as 'Table2' in 'ServerY'
    Both these 2 tables have different ColumnNames containing the same data like 'Street Address' (in 'Table1') vs 'Living Place' (in 'Table2') for Employees
    Each table may different information stored in both these tables for Employees like 'Table1' can have 'Salary' as an Column; whereas 'Table2' might not have that information
    We are expected to compare the data that is present in 'Table1' with 'Table2' for each employee record and get the differentials that doesn't match the source
    Both these tables have 'Employee ID' as common (with different column names) in both of them

    I understand that there are multiple tools available online to get this done, but we are in need to build a SQL query to get this done. Can someone help me with what functions can be used to build the query, so that I can try them?

    Thanks in advance for all your suggestions.
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