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    Unanswered: How to compute the biweekly periods when a date is passed in as a parameter

    How can I compute the biweekly periods when a date is passed in as a parameter, for example if the user enters 9/12/2014 I should get:

    Friday /2nd half 9/12/2014
    Saturday 9/13/2014
    Sunday 9/14/2014
    Monday 9/15/2014
    Tuesday 9/16/2014
    Wednesday 9/17/2014
    Thursday 9/18/2014
    Friday/1st half 9/19/2014
    Friday/2nd half 9/19/2014
    Saturday 9/20/2014
    Sunday 9/21/2014
    Monday 9/22/2014
    Tuesday 9/23/2014
    Wednesday 9/24/2014
    Thursday 9/25/2014
    Friday/1st half 9/26/2014

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    Does the Friday in the middle of your date range need to have output split between the two shifts (1st, 2nd), or can it be reported as one record?

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    What are the rules for your "biweekly" period? Do they always start on the date passed in? Do they always start on the Friday before/after the argument? Can the time for the start/end change? Do you need one row with a start and end datetime for the period, or fourteen rows with start/end times?

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