I have created few procedures on Db2 C express. Now we have a java interface, as DB2 is installed on machine A & java interface is on Machine B.on Machine B there is no db2 installed. Now using that java interface on machine B, I am trying to call my procedures on machine A.
1)My question is what are the things which I have to do to access DB2 on machine A from machine B.

2) If i have another DB2 machine which is having some other db2 product as Express edition,Db2 OS/390,db2 Z/OS or some other Db2 product.Can i run the same procedure code, which i have created using Db2 C express on those platforms too . if not is there any way so that i can make my procedures (coded in C express) to run on those various platforms.

Please let me now ..

Thanks in advance