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    Unanswered: Anyone know how to view a db-journal file ?

    Hi all,

    I have a problem with one application in my tablet.

    I introduce data that are being acumulated in a db. file but sometimes when I go back through the botom "back", even if I have saved the file before, the data go to 0. At least is that I see when I view the table.

    So, Iīm asking me if there is any application o way to view the db-journal file to watch the sequence in which the data were created and then find the "moment" where the problem came.

    Thanks to everybody in advance.


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    Hi , I know little about db-journal file ..Just look over here !!

    The db-journal file extension is associated with the SQLite - a relational database management system.
    SQLite database image is not always stored in a single file within the file-system.
    It is also possible for it to be distributed between the database file and a journal file.
    Journal file is in simple text format with UTF-8 coding and it is editable in any text editor.

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