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    Unanswered: Backup Options Large SQL Database


    i've just inheriated the job of looking after our SQL server (2012), after the previous guy just up and left. The server works fine but i am abit concerned about the backup strategy we have in place. The current backup strategy is a SQL script that runs every 2 nights and backs up to an ISCSI box elsewhere on the network. One of the databases on the server is currently at 303GB, which will take about a full working day to restore to another server if this one fails. Im just looking at other ways which could help reduce the amount of time to restore this if this server was to fail. i heard so people talking about sql clusters and configuring replication on posts by others, which i will look into if its the way to go, but i guess im just looking what others would do if they were in the same postion with such a large database.

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    Assuming that your 303 Gigabyte measurement is correct, your performance problem is somewhere between your SQL Server and the Backup disk. A 543 Gigabyte database running on an under-powered virtual machine will back up comfortably while I eat lunch!

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