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    Unanswered: How to move or copy a schema (with data) from one db to another w/o dump & restore

    Is there a way to move or copy a schema (including data) from one database to another, without having to dump and restore ? The two databases are defined within one PostgreSQL 9.3 instance . Are there any metadata (information schema) updates that can be applied to move the schema definition from one db to another ? I'm trying to avoid dumping and restoring several schemas, with upwards of 500GB of data which I know will take many hours.

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    I am very new to pg sql in general. I converted my ms sql to pg exporting data and doing an import using razorsql. This did have an option to export schema however I had already created my tables and constraints. All I needed was the data. Maybe this is useless info but it may help if you need a nice sql client.

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