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    Unanswered: DB from Production to Report/Development server

    Hi Friends,

    I have joined a new company where SQL server is DB. As of the following is happening.

    Every day mid night thru an auto schedule, backup of entire DB is being created.
    In the early morning, a person will copy the backup file from DB server into Report server (for report processing)
    Then the copied DB will be restored in Report server.

    The above process is not right to my knowledge. I would like to do the following

    instead of entire DB only the incremental should be taken as backup
    The same has to be synced with report server automatically (don't mind one day lag in report server. But for sure if the sync process can be done in better way and the lag is going to be less, I would love it)
    Both report server and DB server are in same location (3rd Parties Data center and not in our own premises)

    If the above is going to work successfully, I would like to extend the same logic to sync my Development server which is located in our office.

    Help me guys.

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    Two of the potential solutions jump right to my mind, but without a lot more insight I can't say for sure that either is a "good" or "best" fit for your problem. I would suggest that you investigate to see if either of these choices offers a good fit. If one is a clear winner, go with it. If you aren't certain, the article ought to give you enough information to persuade your manager to contract with someone that can advise you.

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