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    Unanswered: Automated form action to create 25 new entries with increasing cell contents

    Hi all,

    New to this site, and stuck on one fact.

    Trying to create a voucher database, and stuck with some automation.

    Example serial number is A12 000 01
    A12 = Product category (Only 8 categories), and using a separate table and lookup for the form
    000 = Batch serial number, this will be entered by the user in the database form
    01 = Batch voucher number, this is the bit I want to automate (only 25 vouchers per batch)

    When a user uses the form, selects the product category and batch serial number, I want a button to then create 25 entries all with the same information provided, but automatically create the 25 vouchers for the batch. Also if it would be possible to add the 3 separate pieces of info and turn it in to one number. We have the 3 separate parts of the total serial number, some entered and automated, so when the automation is complete, will have 25 serial numbers looking like:
    A12 000 01
    A12 000 02
    A12 000 03
    A12 000 04
    A12 000 05 etc.......

    Sorry if the way I explain it is confusing, just cant seem to get my head around it.


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    Have a table, tVouchersPerBatch, with fld [voucher] 1 thru 25, or string 01 thru 25 (whichever you use)
    at the point on a form where user adds a new batch 000, then run an append query that appends the table tVouchersPerBatch.voucher and the flds, BATCH, serial.
    You will get the 25 new records with the batch and serial. no more, no less.

    Show all for people to fill in in order, but if you dont trust them, show only the lowest voucher not filled in (via query)

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