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    Unanswered: Form Filtering

    I have a form called "Benefit Tracking" that has some information on it along with two check boxes: 401Enrollment and BenefitsEnrollment. How do I filter the form so that only people that have either check box unchecked appear? Or, how do I not show people that have both check boxes checked? I appreciate any help that someone could provide.

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    Form Filtering

    I have a form, called Employee Benefits that I would like to filter to only show employees who have not signed up for either Medical or Dental or both. Medical and Dental are check boxes on the form. How do I do this?

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    there's various options
    1) with 401 and with benefits
    2) with 401 and without benefits
    3) without 401 and with benefits
    4) without either
    0) show all rows

    ...for that I'd use say a list box (or a combo if you are limited on vertical space)
    in the list/combo's on click event work out what the user requested and apply a filter

    psudeocode is:-
    select case index (where index is the value of the item selected in the list box
    case 1:
    me.filter = "401column = true and benefitscolumn=false"
    ....insert others as required
    case 4:
    me.filter = "401column = true and benefitscolumn = true"
    case else
    me.filter = "1=1" 'an age old SQL dodge that is valid and will return all rows
    end select

    you could expand the list to say 401 checked only, or 401 unchecked (ignoring benefits etc...)
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    What am I doing wrong???

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