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    Unanswered: Auto Numbers

    Dear All

    I will be very grateful if anyone can help me to create auto numbers as described below, keep in mind I'm new to using access.

    I am attempting to set up the auto number based on the input date along with a sequence number.

    The Auto Number should take the date from UNPUT DATE, Basically the format would be year, month, day and increment (starting at 001)




    Next day the Sequence Number should change according to date and reset the increment to start again at 001



    I do realize that it needs some efforts to get the desired results for which I would like to Thank in advance for any help / suggestions.

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    there's lots of answers to this sort of problem, already on this forum. If you do a search you should find what you need
    but in essence what you need is a function which returns the next available number
    you can find the current highest number using the domain funstion DMAX
    the only issue is if you are using a multi user db where there could be more than one user trying to insert a row at the same time. if that is so either secure a table lock whilst you get the next number OR put in error trapping that gets another number if the insert fails becuase of a duplicate index error
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    You cant really autonumber this. You'd need a custom function to count the ones already there, then add 1 to it.

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