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    Question Unanswered: how to full backup online and off line and then recover?

    I need to know the best way to make full backup from using my database online- and off line ?

    and how to recover?
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    To do a local full backup, brilliant database already has this function built in. Click on the menu “File”, followed by “Database Maintenance” and go to the Backup Tab. The rest will be obvious to you.

    To do a remote backup, you can script it using the actions to create file, and then you can scipt that to be uploaded using FTP all from brilliant database actions.

    To advise you on a restore depends on what your trying to accomplish. If your local file becomes corrupt and won't open, then it's not possible to script a restore as the script has no means to run if the file is corrupt. In this case you would have to restore the file manually from your backup.

    Other options to restore data to a database that's not corrupt is to script a Sync with another file.

    You also don't have to script any of this in brilliant database. There are countless file backup programs available that can fetch a file from a folder on any PC at set times, create copies, upload and even email the data to you.


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    Thanks for the quick reply, Thank you so much dear

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