Hi. I am relatively new to Access and completely self taught.
I have been working on a database to act as both a job record sheet and to produce drafts of our invoices.
I am currently struggling with putting a Form together to act as a front end and command the reports I have designed to open, in particular for the invoice one to open and only return figures for the previous month, where the job has a value to it, for all jobs with each job on a new sheet. I have a report set up to act as an invoice (which works using criteria in the original query to set Job Number and start and end dates) and I have produced a query which tells me the total value against a job by month.
Can anyone advise how I might be able to pull this together.

Ideally I would like to have a drop down list to select a job, if possible select the dates rather than just putting in the previous month as we work on a week end basis, and then hit go and have it produce one sheet per job showing the costs in that time period?

Any help or direction would be much appreciated.