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    Question Unanswered: Attempting to Create a Database for Work

    I am currently trying go beyond the call of duty at my work and create a database in Access for a procurement program I manage. I have computer skills and the ability to self learn, and I have the general idea of the database I'd like, but I don't know what material I should read to help me in creating this database. I was hoping, after I explain my general idea of what I'm trying to do, if someone could point me in the right direction of material I could read online, or offer some pointers to rookie. Thanks in advance!

    Like I said, I work in procurement and managing materials. The materials are assigned a serial number along with a part number, nomenclature, another matieral number, size and a designation number. These are all the main categories I'd like documented for indivudual items. These would be concrete items and would hardly ever change. When searching for items, I would mainly use the Main serial number or part number.

    Now there are several sub categories that these items would have under them. One would be which storage locations the items are in and how many we have on hand. The next would be a procurement tab, under each serial number it would include when purchases were requested for that certain item along with all the procument info from the requestor. Lastly, I would want to record how much of the item is being disposed of each month.

    The goal is to be able to open up the database type the serial number into a search function and it would return a form (or whatever it would be called) with the main information listed first (the general info) then it would have several tabs that I could click on to learn more about that certain item. A tab for storage locations, a tab for procurement info, and a tab on usage.

    Where do I need to look to start on this project? I've read some things online, but I really don't understand the steps I need to do to start. I under the general items of access but I feel I'm missing something greater in the design proccess to understand how to make the search function that leads to a tabbed query. I'm currently stuck with Access 2010, but would there be better databasing software that would help me better with this project? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    I just realized I spelled Database wrong in the subject heading. Is there a way I can get that changed?

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    before coding anything (forms, reports, tables and so on) I'd strongly recommend that you get to grips with normalisation. These are worht a read (or several reads
    ..also worth a look

    its all to tempting to get stuck in and design forms, but the more time you spend on gettign your design right from day one the less time you will struggle to unpick errors and problems

    spend time developing a design (identify what you need to do, what you need to support those requirements) get people within your organisation to 'sign off' on as much as possible. make certain you design somethign that meets the organisations requirements not just your current perspective of that, involving others reduces the risk of you inventing a better mousetrap for your area at the risk of a PoS in someone else's area of responsibility

    if you are not up to speed in Access then it may be worth designign soemthign relatively trivial to start with, or somethign peripheral to your application i fyou 'must' dive in and start 'doing'

    I dont' want to pee on your parade, but one of the major bugbears I feel Access has is its all to easy to dive and start doing, withiuy understanding the basic concepts behind db design. I don't want to put you off but get a good idea of whats invovled before spendign a significiant amount of time on the project. Contributors on this forum will help where they can but they can't teach. they can help you resolve your problems but they can't provide solutions
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    The Jaded One has given you very good advice, you'd do well to heed it! It all starts with the data...and getting it right!

    BTW, I corrected your title!

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    Hope this helps!

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    I have recently been updating my database and Access knowledge, as I have not used Access in a few years.

    I found the video tutorials on excellent. They have hours of detailed videos on all versions of Access and also a good few on databases (normalisation theory etc.). You do have to pay but they do give some free tutorials and a trial period. In fact, I find it a bit addictive and have about 20 different courses on the go at the moment, I am a bit like a kid in a sweet shop!

    PS... I have only joined DBForums today, but I am not affiliated in any way to!

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