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    Unanswered: New theory postualting the activity level of the Brilliant Database forum

    I have been associated with dBforums and Brilliant Database long enough so that I feel that I can make an accurate prediction. With my prognostication skills finely honed, I can say, with little hesitation, that whenever communication has been established with Mikhail that the activity level within the Brilliant Database increases exponentially. Conversely, the activity wanes as this communication disappears. So, my hypothesis is that there is a direct positive correlation to the activity here and communication with Brilliant Database.

    It seems as if this communication with the developer serves as a catalyst so that many more questions are asked and that new users of this software appear. All of this, of course, is great for the Brilliant Database community! From a business perspective, this could be a grand opportunity for Mikhail also. With John just sharing his E-mail from Mikhail, I expect there to be a renewed overall level of activity here... at least that is my theory.
    Daryl G

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    Yep, totally agree.


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