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    Unanswered: Catalog Cache Hit Ratio

    We upgraded several of our AIX systems a few weeks ago to DB2 V10.1 Fixpak 3, and I have noticed our catalog cache hit ratio is really low 38%. Originally our catalog cache size was 8,000 pages, I have steadily increased it to 20,000 pages but our catalog cache hit ratio is still really low. Under db2 v9.7 fixpak 8. Has anyone else experienced this when upgrading to db2 v10.1? These are SAP systems which of course have a large catalog but I wanted to check if anyone knows of any bugs etc. Under 9.7 with 8,000 pages we were getting a hit ratio of 97%, seems strange that the behavior has changed so much. I have been resetting the monitors when increasing the cache size so I know that the new values are accurate. I can of course increase it again, but wanted to check if anyone else had hit this.

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    Do you use a lot of temporary tables, by chance? If so, that may be the reason.
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