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    Unanswered: Buttons don't work in Microsoft Access 2007 form

    I am trying to troubleshoot a strange issue with a Microsoft Access 2007 database saved in the native format (.accdb). When the database was created all of the buttons of desinged forms worked without any issues. Now some of the users find two button don't work on one specific form on their computers (Windows Vista). All other buttons on other forms work without any issues. The strange thing is that the form which is having the issue with 2 buttons not working, it is working perfectly on another computer. I was able to remotely access the computer where the Access 2007 database form worked, and there is nothing out of the ordinary as far as I can see. I thought it could be a issue with trusted locations, but this was not the case. Has anyone ever run into this situation before in the past? Could a Windows udpate cause any problems with executing a button in an Access 2007 form?

    Thanks for any assistance in advance.

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    First off, is the Database split into a Front End/Back End configuration, as all multi-user databases have to be, with a copy of the Front End on each user's PC and the Back End on a shared drive/folder? The problems, errors and glitches that can be generated by not having multi-user Databases configured in this way are too vast to even begin to list!

    What do the errant Command Buttons actually do? I ask because when apps run fine on one machine and not on another, or run fine in one version and not when run under a newer version, one the first things you have to think about are missing references.

    If you haven't checked for this kind of thing before, here is a link to Doug Steele's detailed instructions on how to troubleshoot the problem:

    Click Here: Access Reference Problems

    And, yes, I suppose a Windows update could also be a possible cause; if all else fails, I'd look at the updates of the working machines vs the errant ones.

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    Hope this helps!

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