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    Angry Unanswered: Display records that match the current month

    I'm trying to build a query that will display all records for the current month based on the calculated field [Duedate]

    I have one calculation a date field that calculates a 5 month period between service dates. i have tried month(now()) in the calculated [DueDate] field but I keep getting a type mismatch and not understanding why they are both date/time fields formatted to short date. When I remove the criteria it display all records regardless of the [duedate]. I"m not sure where i'm missing a step in producing the correct results.

    the complete SQL
    SELECT Customer.CustomerNumber, Customer.Company, Customer.Address, Customer.City, Customer.Zip, Customer.Cross1, Customer.Cross2, Customer.Phone, Customer.Other, Customer.Contact, Workorders.qty, Workorders.Price, Workorders.Terms, Workorders.Completed, Workorders.duedate
    FROM Customer INNER JOIN Workorders ON Customer.CustomerID = Workorders.CustomerID;

    Thanks to all in advance.

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    month(now()) is a correct (numeric ) value. But you have to match it to the month([Duedate])

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    surely match month AND year

    or use one of the inbuilt date time functions, such as datediff or possibly dateadd/datesub
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    Quote Originally Posted by healdem View Post

    ...surely match month AND year...
    In addition to this, is Duedate, a calculated Field, actually stored in the Table? Storing calculated values is generally a very bad idea.

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    Hope this helps!

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    Yes due date is part of the base table calculated as dateserial(year([completed]),Month([completed])+5,day([completed])) an for clarification sake why is it bad to store this being that it's calculated?

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