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    Unanswered: Help accessing a remote database


    I work in a small NPO and I created a small database in Access with my limited skills in this area.

    This database is shared in our local office by 5 computers.

    Now I need to work in other locations and access this database. I'm using Ms access and I have Internet access.

    We have our website in a hosting company which does't allow us to have and access a database in their server unless we pay a much higher cost.

    Our budget is very limited.

    Which easy and relatively safe solution can I implement here?

    Thank you.

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    Access doesn't sit well with remote clients over a WAN, VPN and or Internet. It may be OK as web hosted data provider, but strictly speaking that means using JET (the actual database engine) NOT Access (which is the user interface.

    If you want to stay with the current Access application then the options are
    use a replicated Access db and periodically synchronise the databases
    use another form of data store such as Sharepoint or better yet a server back end, which needn't cost a huge amount.

    failing that it probably means switching to a web client / server application developed in something such as PHP, ASP or similar. however designing something that is exposed as a web client that is secure is a tricky proposition
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    I've already used a replicated Access db and periodically synchronise the databases and was problem with lots of conflicts and missing data.

    How about using a remote management application to access my office computer when I'm away?

    Is it unsafe?

    Thank you.

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