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    Question Unanswered: Internal VBA Queries within a workbook across to sheets - Help required

    Hi I need some / guidance

    I have created VBA code to extract two xml files from my suppliers into separate sheets (Sheet1 (Products) & Sheet2 (Stock Levels)), what I would like to do next is basically build an internal query, between the sheets so that I can produce an export file where I have items that are in stock, plus refresh my site with updated stock levels.

    This is where I am struggling, I know I could use access but for some reason I cannot get the stock level xml feed into a table, 3 of the columns do not get imported, but all is good in excel.

    So my question to you is how do I build a VBA query between the 2 sheets


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    You would used Access. If the data goes into XL , just use Access to run the query. The query would use the 2 existing XL sheets LINKED into access.
    Access does queries. Excel does not.

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