I have a very small seldom used PG DB that I use to store customer information job information etc. it is around 44MB in size. I want to know how to use WAL arching because I also use it for testing also. I am an IT person who is VERY new to PG. I converted my MS SQL DB last week to PG and it works awesome. I obviously want to back it up the easy method is to just use PGDUMP which I will use however I also would like to use WAL. I currently tar a file level backup of the whole pgdata directory. i have WAL archiving working however I am not very sure how to make it so that my 200GB of space I have are not filled up. I have it backing up to a secondary drive on my linux box. nothing crazy but it works. I would like maybe to run the archive_timeout (since the DB is barely edited like twice a week) to run 5 times a day? currently it is set to archive_timeout = 17280. what good it the checkpoint_segment and checkpoint_timeout? currently I have it as checkpoint_segment = 3 and the checkpoint_timeout = 5min. I am wondering a good solution to this. confused on how to use the three in combination. thanks.