HI all I have a silly question, I am with a company that is in the process of migrating from a CRM database to a CRM GP database. They don't have admin access to the current CRM database, apparently what happens is the Development dept creates a view and exports the data in an excel spreadsheet for them, then they export that data into an Access 2010 database. Now there has to be a better way of doing this before they go live with the new CRM GP database, because apparently the current database (CRM DB) doesn't do the calculations they need for their billing department. So my supervisor wants me to stream line this process between the current database CRM, Excel and Access 2010. I asked if I a stored procedure could be created to export from one database to the other without Excel as the middle man but I was told the Dev dept wont allow that. My question is does anyone have any other ideas?

thank you