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    Unanswered: Automatic Importing

    Hello everyone I have a question, I have a database that gets data imported into it through Excel spreadsheet. The data that goes into excel is from our Development department. They create the view and publish it as an excel spreadsheet, the user then imports the data from Excel to Access. I think the spreadsheet gets updated every day I was wondering if there was a way to get Access to automatically import new data based off the Date from the excel spreadsheet and import it into access automatically so the user does not have to import manually. Can I make a macro do this?

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    Macros have many limitations and I would not try to use them for any complex process. A set of VBA procedures could perform the job you describe without any problem.
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    Macro no
    but what you could do us do an overnight batch import which sucks ghe data out of excel spreadsheets from a specified location into your access db, then deletes the excel file so it doesnt get re imported next time
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