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    Unanswered: The instruction at '0x77f87eeb' referenced memory at.....

    Hello all

    I'm not a database programmer, just an It support guy trying to help out a customer.....

    They have an antiquated database system called Compass that uses Informix as its database engine. The system runs on a Windows server. Some weeks ago, my client noticed that no-one could access the system. Using the very little knowledge I have, I found that some settings for connecting to the database appeared to have been lost. I "guessed" what the settings may be and now when launching the application I get the message:

    "Exception happened: 0xc000005: The instruction at '0x77f87eeb' referenced memory at '0x34'. The memory could not be read". This is seen within the wIntegrate screen which is used to connect to the database.

    I appreciate this may all appear a bit vague at this stage, but I'm not sure what other information would be needed for someone to shed some light on this. Any pointers would be much appreciated!



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    What do you call "the application'" ?
    at some place you should have the informix log file on the server, probably called online.log, that will tell you what really happens
    your message rings absolutely no bell at all

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