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    Unanswered: how to open the . Dat file based on pattern in vi editor

    Hello Friends ,

    I have 7 GB of .dat file and I cannot open in vi editor as its very huge .

    I know that there are few records in my .dat file that needs my criteria .

    Can any one tell how to open a .dat file now based on match or create a new file based on search pattern say "1235188673" so that I can have a file with required data that I need to validate .

    Thanks in advance .

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    Based on your idea of using vi, I'll assume that the file contains text. To extract lines of text in *nix, I'd use grep or gawk.

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    Use 'split' to create a number of small files, then edit those, and put the small files back together again.
    mkdir temp
    cd temp
    split -l 100000 ../big_file
    vi *
    cat * >../new_big_file
    Depending on the length of the records, you may want to adjust the number of lines in each file.

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