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    Unanswered: Format Function Not Putting Track Numbers In Swquence As Expected.

    I have a two position text field which contains the track number of a given song on a CD. When the track number is displayed in a query the track numbers are out of sequence 1,10,2,3... Normally using the Format Function as in Format(TrackNo,"00") corrects this problem and puts the track numbers in sequence. For some reason this is not happening in my current query. The track numbers are formatted correctly but they are not be put in sequence as you would expect. They remain in their original sequence. This is a group by query in order to group the records by Artist, Album, and Disk Number. The purpose of this query is to gather file level information to populate a table.

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    Can we see the query
    im guessing its not going to help to restate my opinion about storing numeric values in numeric datatypes
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